His First Lead In Only An Hour!

Over the last couple of days I have been helping a friend get started in internet marketing with his new business.

 – His original landing page is the picture at the top

He is a total newbie and had zero experience with sales funnels, how to write an ad or facebook advertising.

Yesterday morning we met at Starbucks so I could help him set up his sub-domains to use his sales funnel to capture leads from the facebook ad he was about to run.

But lunch time everything was set to go and he was ready to create his first facebook ad. I went over it with him on the phone and an hour later he called to tell me he had posted his first ad and was super excited!

He set the ad to display starting at 3:30pm, which is when people are most likely to be looking for his product or service.

By 4:30pm I get another call from him. He was super excited and wanted to tell me that someone had already saw his ad, watched his video and opted in for a phone consultation.

He had only spent $10 on the ad for the day but within the first hour he had a lead looking for his service!

And that is the power of the internet and having a  good coach. He could have spent a month trying to figure it out himself like I did when I first got started.

The best part is that he’s saving himself a lot of money. Previously he was buying leads for his business for $50 each!

After seeing how simple it is to advertise online he’s now thinking of joining my 21 step system to be able to generate commissions of $1,000 – $5,000 and more just by advertising.


If you’re starting an internet business and need some help, comment below or email me at Jonathan@followjg.com