Who Is Follow JG?

Well for one, I am an avid motorcycle rider, anything with 2 wheels I love. Mine is in the white BMW R1200GS.

But that is not why you’re here…

I’ve done many things in my career but nothing as exciting as what I am doing now. I was an electrical engineer, have an MBA, professionally traded stocks, held NASD 7, 63 & 55 licenses, traded options, futures, forex, flipped real estate, set up an LLC and C-corp and the list goes on.  I’ve done a lot and also buried myself in stress trying to get to better places. Three years ago I was so over worked and stressed that I started having an issue with my right eye. Come to find out that I had a tumor growing inside of it! After a lot of pain and misery for 2 years, radiation treatment and cataract surgery I was almost back to normal. Until more stress and some other small issues.

All my hard work, degrees, extra hours in an office didn’t get me anywhere in life. I finally realized I really needed to make a change and that’s when I was introduced to a proven system that leverages the internet to make consistent money. I can tell you without a doubt that an internet business is by far the easiest and most efficient way to build wealth right now. In my opinion it is just getting started and there is still a huge amount of opportunity out there ready for anyone capitalize on it.