It’s All About Email Capture

You might have heard that the money is in the email list. Both the landing page and email list work hand in hand.

So for those that don’t know what a landing page or an email list are for, let me give you a quick synopsis of what both are.

A landing page the page that you take your audience to once they click your ad. It doesn’t matter if your ad is on facebook or a banner ad on a niche website.

The landing page will look like any other webpage except that it asks the person to enter their name and email address to access additional information. I posted an old one of mine as an example. You don’t actually need a website to have a landing page and can literally put one together in 10 minutes.

The email address then goes into your email auto-responder (a program that captures user information from the landing page). At that point you can make contact with your audience at any time you want to promote your products.

You need to capture this information any time get the chance to.

The larger your email list the larger the audience you have to market your products to. The rule of thumb is that you make $1 a month for every subscriber you have. So over the course of a year you might be able to grow your list to 10,000 people and hence have the ability to make $10,000 a month.

And that is how internet marketers make big money.

Of course you have to have the right offer and product to sell to your subscribers but you get the gist of it.