The Only Constant Is Change

The internet is always changing, evolving and growing…

Facebook fan pages have been dieing a slow death over the last couple of years

As facebook changes their algorithms less and less people actually see your posts. It’s said that only 10% of the people see your post that you might have spent an hour on.  An hour of finding the right keywords to be optimized for SEO, writing compelling content and finding the right attention grabbing picture and headline.

Seems like sort of a waste right?

The reason is, Facebook wants you to pay them money to Boost your post to see more. it’s always about the money.

Something similar happened about 10 years ago with Google Adwords. Hundreds of thousands of people were making BIG money using google ad words until one day they changed their algorithm and whamo, people went broke not knowing what happened!

There is now a better way that is becoming more and more popular to engage your audience and that is the use of Facebook Groups!

With Facebook Groups your audience is more engaged, they actually see your posts and they feel more like they are a part of your tribe.

Look for me to start up a Facebook Group shortly where I will share what you need to know to get started along with how to get through all the techy stuff. I need to use my engineering background for something right!

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