Success Is A Mindset

Becoming a successful  entrepreneur isn’t about how smart you are or how much money you have to start your journey with. I know many smart people that got discouraged and quit and I know many people with money that gave up easily.

There are several key traits that a successful person has that an unsuccessful person has yet to adopt.

 1. Embracing change versus fearing change.

Life is always changing and so is the way we do business. If you are someone that likes to do things the way  you’ve always been doing them then it’s likely you will struggle. You have to be ready to learn and try new ways of doing things even if they are not yet proven. The world is so competitive these days that you must constantly innovate to stay successful.

2. Wanting others to succeed versus secretly hoping others fail.

A lot of people secretly want others to fail so they don’t feel bad about their own lack of success. The truth is, the more people succeed the better we all are. Successful people tend to help each other out. Like they say in the stock market, a rising tide lifts all ships.

3. Accepting responsibility versus blaming others.

This is huge these days. No one wants to take responsibility for their actions and they subsequently find an excuse to blame someone else. Like a job that doesn’t work out. You don’t get fired for no reason. You likely knew you were doing something wrong or not listening to your boss. You can’t be successful if you blame others. In order to make changes in your business you need to take responsibility for what happens and be able to make changes. Acceptance is the first step to change.

4. Talking about ideas versus talking about people.

It’s easy to get caught up in gossip. It is all over the TV and a common ground for conversation when you’re out with friends. However it is not constructive to focus on what others are doing. You need to spend more time focusing on what you are doing with your business and how you can make it better.

5. Sharing info versus hoarding info.

This sort plays into #2 which was wanting others to fail. If you are trying to hoard your information to keep a competitive edge then you are doing yourself a disservice. A lot of times the more you share with someone the more they share with you. Not to mention, hoarding information is a scarcity mindset. To be successful you have to have an abundance mindset. There is enough to go around for everyone.

6. Taking action vs accomplishing tasks.

The hardest thing for most newbies is taking action. They are used to a 9-5 job where your job is to accomplish tasks vs creating something and putting it to use. Getting things done is working on tasks that bring in no revenue. It is easy to get caught up in analysis paralysis, spending your time on building sales funnels and webpages. It is more important to take action and put those sales funnels to use and bring in some leads. 80% of your time should be spend on revenue generating activities like running ads, optimizing ads, optimizing sales funnels or engaging customers.

7. Having gratitude versus not appreciating others.

Be sure to thank everyone you come in contact with, and walk with a spirit of gratitude. Being grateful will bring more people closer to you, they will trust you more which in turn ends leads to a more successful business. Gratitude is the ultimate key to being successful in business and in life.


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